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Carrboro Farmers Market Special Events


Extension Gardener Extension Gardener Handbook Composting Diseases Insects NC Plant Disease & Insect Clinic submit samples, turf disease ID, plant disease fact sheets, insect info notes Lawns (Turffiles) use the Turf Management menu Plant Selection Soil Testing instructions, submit samples & view reports online

Garden Calendars

Monthly Tips

In addition to our own tips, the Missouri Botanical Garden offers comprehensive, well-designed monthly gardening guides. Please be aware that the timing differs from our area and that the presence/severity of problems can also differ.


Bloom & Berry organized by bloom sequence, horticultural info/photo links JCRA Now Showing Bloom Time Summary


Crabgrass Germination Dates Tall fescue lawn maintenance calendar Bermudagrass lawn maintenance calendar Organic Lawn Care Lawns Toxicity of Lawn Care Products


Pruning Calendar for Orange County Pruning Tips for Shrubs


Pests: Traditional calendars Using degree-days and plant phenology to predict pest activity great idea but see next link Does flowering sequence predict insect phenology?


Planting & Harvesting Guide for Piedmont Vegetables & Herbs local planting & harvest times from Chatham County Central NC Planting Calendar for Annual Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs 2012, incorporates the Chatham info plus more Planting dates for vegetables by month same as above, but ordered by month Vegetable Planting Guide: Piedmont & coastal plain nice easy-to-read guide, good graphics NC CES’s detailed guide, with suggested varieties


Frost dates


Amount & Best Times to Apply Glyphosate to Select Plants Crabgrass Germination Dates