the orange gardener

Bloom lists were compiled from the JC Raulston Arboretum Showtimes (restricted to species hardy in our county) and the NC Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill (NCBG) lists for 2006–2009. There are limitations to the list because the Raulston Arboretum does not record berry set and the NCBG did not record bloom for Nov–Feb.

how to use the lists

  • Plants are organized by order of bloom, beginning with the winter season (December). Plants are not necessarily in bloom for the entire month, and only some cultivars may bloom during any given month. To search for a specific plant, type [Ctrl]f (Windows) or [Command]f (Mac), followed by the genus.
  • To see individual species if only a genus or plant group is shown, click on the ‘+’ icon.
  • Each plant name is a link to an external reference.


While most plant links are to nonprofit sites, some references link to sites that display advertising. We apologize and recommend using a browser adblocking extension to ensure the best viewing experience.