the orange gardener

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We provide education and research-based local horticultural information.

Cooperative Extension

Master GardenerSM volunteers are part of the national Cooperative Extension system. The Cooperative Extension helps individuals, families, and communities to apply research-based knowledge in many areas, including agriculture, horticulture, the environment, and human health and well-being. Although the system is national, information and programs are tailored at the county level to best address local needs.

Extension Master GardenerSM program

The Extension Master Gardener program trains community volunteers in urban horticulture in order to reach a wider gardening public than would be possible using employees alone. In addition, volunteers support and engage in horticultural projects and activities that enhance the quality of life for county residents. Our local program utilizes research from NC State University, NC A&T State University, and other land-grant colleges.

Orange County

There are approximately sixty certified volunteers in Orange County. We love to learn, to garden, and to help others — we each donate at least 36 hours of horticultural service annually.

Learn how to become an Master Gardener volunteer.